BCP_Catechism_PrayerWorship_pages856-857“The principal kinds of prayer are adoration, praise,  thanksgiving, penitence, oblation, intercession, and  petition.”

From the  Catechism found in the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer
Pages 856-7

Prayer FAQ

Q. What is prayer?
A. Prayer is responding to God, by thought and by deeds,
with or without words.

Q. What is Christian Prayer?
A. Christian prayer is response of God the Father, through
Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Q. What prayer did Christ teach us?
A. Our Lord gave us the example of prayer knows as the
Lord’s Prayer.

Q. What are the principal kinds of prayer?
A. The principle kinds of prayer are adoration, praise,
thanksgiving, penitence, oblation, intercession, and

Q. What is adoration?
A. Adoration is the lifting up of the heart and mind to God,
asking nothing but to enjoy God’s presence.

Q. Why do we praise God?
A. We praise God, not to obtain anything, but because
God’s Being draws praise from us.

Q. For what do we offer thanksgiving?
A. Thanksgiving is offered to God for all the blessings of
this life, for our redemption, and for whatever draws us
closer to God.

Q. What is penitence?
A. In penitence, we confess our sins and make restitution
where possible, with the intention to amend our lives.

Q. What is prayer of oblation?
A. Oblation is an offering of ourselves, our lives and
labors, in union with Christ, for the purposes of God.

Q. What are intercession and petition?
A. Intercession brings before God the needs of others; in
petition, we present our own needs, that God’s will may
be done.

Q. What is corporate worship?
A. In corporate worship, we unite ourselves with others to
acknowledge the holiness of God, to hear God’s Word,
to offer prayer, and to celebrate the sacraments.

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